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Anonymous quotes from students

  We learned a lot about contemporary art and art history in Mrs. Calvillo’s class. 

  In her class there were a lot of different types of activities, I learned many of new techniques. 

  In art we had many local field trips! I also learned how to draw!!! 

  She gave me constructive criticism on how to improve my work. The time limit was quite challenging but we have to manage our time to keep up! 

  I love sculpture, especially woodcarving it is so fun! 

  She is very friendly, she makes us feel good. 

  I love your class you are a great artist and teacher. 

  I liked Mrs. Calvillo’s class because she really inspires me. She brought out the hidden talent inside and gave a little hue to it. 

   Through the critiques she guided me to a path of new knowledge, and I have really learned how to express myself.  

   Mrs. Calvillo is a great teacher! I will always remember how one of my classmates would bring up an idea or design technique and Mrs. Henbest de Calvillo would always tell us something (right away) about an artist or something she had seen that was relevant!  I loved her excitement about the class. 

   Her class was different from what I’ve had at other schools, and I really enjoyed that.  She is really friendly and enjoyable.  

   When I first came to this class I had hard time drawing. But now the teacher helped me and now I’m quite good. 

  We learned in so many different ways, watching DVD’s of artists talking, making power point presentations for the class, critiquing our work, going downtown to draw.  It was so interesting. 

  Her class is so much more than painting. 

  HeyEyou are lazy if you are bored in her class.   

  I want to take Art again.























   Quotes from Students

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