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What will make me successful at Intl' Schools Overseas


What Personal and Professional Qualifications and Experience do you have that will enable you to be successful at an International School overseas? 

           My professional experience has taught me that my multifaceted skills are extraordinarily suited for teaching abroad. I am keenly aware of my responsibility of being a guide, leader and mentor for young people overseas, and the significance of this exciting and perhaps demanding situation.  Yet I have learned from my 11 years abroad in Asia and in Africa that this is a teaching environment that bolsters my personal growth and nourishes my artistic aspirations.

 I have enjoyed the opportunities that come with this thrilling job and I am motivated professionally to seek more chances to see new things and meet new people and artists that I can perhaps bring into the classroom. Being a practicing artist professionally keeps me excited about setting up challenges for my young student artists. If you were in my class you would have the real world of artists inspire you and the culture of the country entice you. I know I am particularly professionally suited to enhance an art curriculum in this manner.

I have made it a goal to plan across the curriculum, challenge students in a broad and demanding manner and to make learning art skills and history - fun. My ability to work with others to implement units has made me a real team player.  My knowledge of art education, my training in AP& IB, my masters degree, my ESL certification, my technology interest and extended training, my skills at displaying children’s art, my extracurricular and community outreach, my NAEA research fellow award writing art curriculum, my numerous art department awards, my dedication to help students achieve 5’s on AP Art portfolios, and my continuing support of getting Asian students into Art schools in the USA (notably RISD), has all enhanced my professional achievements in the art world overseas.

            I have many reasons personally that I am a successful international educator.  I possess a high degree of cultural understanding and genuine sensitivity towards diverse values, living and learning styles.  I think this quality is essential to work successfully abroad, professionally as a foreigner.  I know also that with my artistic and ESL educational experience, certification and additional training, and infinite creative energy, I will enhance, complement, and strengthen any overseas Art Department and Extracurricular program and International school.

My commitment and dedication to children and their creativity is what has made my career a real success in the international world of teaching.















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