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Art Education Philosophy Statement


My Art Education Philosophy ( Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo ) 

NOTE: (I have personally written this statement adapting it for publication for ISY and HIS, 2 International schools that I have worked for.  It reflects my personal opinion in every sense and I have followed this closely in both schools.)

The International School of Yangon (ISY) is dedicated to providing all students with sequential classes in the visual arts to help enhance the student’s creative thinking skills.  We provide them with weekly opportunities to make, mold and demonstrate skills and techniques with all the Principles and Elements of Art and Design. The curriculum is designed around using a wide variety of mediums such as experiences in drawing, painting, clay, wood, gold-leafing, printmaking, collage, computer art, and mixed media materials. Experiences in the Arts are essential ingredients for balanced intellectual growth.

It is our philosophy that Art is an integral part of a child-centered school.  In our school we are responsible for helping students understand themselves through the arts with process and product.  They also reflect upon their own art works and those of others and develop the skills to not only self critique but also to evaluate art from past and present contexts. Students Grade 6-12 keep sketchbook/workbooks.  Students will also be versed and aware of art historical styles and have appreciation for arts of all cultures through aesthetic understanding. The hands on aspect of art training makes it possible to appeal to all learning styles.   Experiences with the Arts are vital to stimulate imagination and creativity and to enhance cultural as well as personal awareness.

Our Art Education department is staffed by certified international art specialists, certified teachers and local artists.  Our Department emphasizes art history and art criticism through local trips with guest artists. Field trips to galleries, museums and workshops help to develop the student’s appreciation and knowledge of a wide range of artwork.  Art activities can be correlated with academic curricula whenever possible.  We believe that our young people should use their cultural heritage and international living experiences to further their self-expression and individualism through art.  The study of art also presents opportunities for emotional release and expression of one's own values and principles.

We feel that all art should be displayed in and around the school and community and that students should be involved in art community service.  Art community service has been incorporated into our school wide community program for orphans and our 7th Grade and 9th Grade class field trips.  The annual high school over night art trip is also an exciting ‘borderless classroomEreaching beyond the traditional art room lab.  Our goal at the end of each semester is to include every student in the International School of Yangon’s Art Show.  Advanced art AP portfolios and sketchbooks are also highlighted.  Our program awards those who have made an extra effort by entering their work into the Scholastic Art competition, Web art, 100 people project or other local charity or international shows. We also have a vibrant monthly community art night and an after school arts program from Pre KE12 including mural making, set design, pottery, photography, art cards, Burmese crafts and other stimulating activities.

We strive to help our students be their personal best and to create from the heart incorporating personal experiences and developing technical skills thus building self-esteem and artistic accomplishment.

Inherent in our philosophy is the fact that students will enjoy art and appreciate the opinions, preferences, and skills of their fellow students. Therefore, they will become lifelong participants in understanding the importance of cultural heritages and the vital significance of the creative process in the local and international community.






















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