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What makes me a outstanding educator


My strengths as a seasoned international educator and why I will be an asset for your school are varied.  I have 17 years of art educational experience as follows:

  • Master’s Degree in Studio Art
  • AP, IB, PYP, MYP teaching all levels (ES, MS, HS)
  • IT savvy
  • Ability to teach a wide range of multimedia processes
  • Liaison with local artists and community
  • International Art curriculum writing
  • Designing new art programs and enhancing established programs already in place
  • Leadership skills
  • Mentorship of children and young people
  • Administration recommendations that reflect this scope

I have experienced first hand how children around the world learn to see themselves as artists. Being a talented, unique, and creative artist is important.  But to be able to make the connection and spark a change in human behavior is a giant step I have taken in influencing children’s development.   Through the programs I have created for the students over the years, I have come to the conclusion that fostering young people’s creativity prepares them for future world citizenship.  I witnessed this creative spark in children when I founded the Children’s Wishes for Japan project in the aftermath of Japan’s devastating tsunami.  The affected children received over 700 art/music hand-painted bags packed with art and music supplies created by children in 50 schools in 25 countries. Each bag contained letters and drawings by students for Japanese children.  Art and handmade wishes can transform and connect people!  Being in the midst of all this creativity strengthened my own understanding of how to guide children to a broader level of growth.  This is my greatest asset.  I have the experience to help enhance a student’s ability to feel empathy, gain knowledge, show respect, and serve beyond the classroom.  This leads me to firmly believe that I can be an invaluable asset to your community.