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Letter of Introduction

Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                       

 I would like to introduce myself as one of the new Art teachers at SSIS.  I am an American teacher coming from Tokyo, Japan where I taught at the American School in Japan (ASIJ). I have also spent 4 years in Yangon, Myanmar where I taught at the International School of Yangon (ISY).  Before that I was at the Harare International School (HIS) in Harare, Zimbabwe where I taught for 4 years. Previous student work can be viewed at www.jcalvillo.com. 

Before working overseas I was teaching in Texas in the USA.  I taught Art as well as English as a Second Language in Texas. My husband and I both love South East Asia and we are happy to be coming back to this region. I have taught Art at all levels Pre-K to University.  I am a practicing artist and particularly interested in traditional lacquer techniques and Asian art. I am so excited to be teaching Art at this stimulating International School. I’m enthusiastic and happy to be here.  

This first semester was wonderful at SSIS and I think it is going to be a great year! The Art class Course descriptions are available to you so you understand what Art class you child is taking.  I will integrate the best possible skill based assignments for your son or daughter to improve and learn the Elements of Art.  I will also integrate many cultural and historical projects from around the world into the varied grade level art curriculums. 

You can expect to see 2-D & 3-D assignments. Field Trips and Guest artists will also be included into the program. AP Studio Art is also on the horizon. This can be integrated into High School art classes with additional after-school meeting times, for those who have attained high skill levels or worked in summer Art programs and are interested in preparing the college level portfolio.

The SSIS Art Department will communicate with parents throughout the year.  All students get a graded quarterly report card. The Art Department will be showing off student work and preparing for a cultural exchange hosted by our school in a few weeks. This is called MRISA.  We will also be showing and framing student work with the sponsorship of the SSIS PTA in May 2007 as part of the Art/Dance/Music show near the end of the semester.  

We will also be planning some field trips around town to see local art.I am very happy to be working with your son or daughter this year and I know it will be a fantastic year for the Arts.  I would like to meet you sometime. Please feel free to come and visit the art department.


Mrs. Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo

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