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Digital Photography

Course Description: In this class you can expect to understand Basic Photography techniques including what makes a creative & interesting image, camera usage, manipulation of imagery and printing or showing images. The approach will be to learn what good photos are in an artistic context. This exciting process will be theme based revolving around some historical, cultural and personal themes as a means of communication and personal expression.

Learner Outcomes: Students will learn how to use a variety of cameras.
  • Students will understand light, color and composition and its effect in pictures.
  • Students will understand, evaluate and use the Principles of Design & the Elements of Art in their photographs, and use a sketchbook for analyzing photographs.
  • Students will learn how to manipulate their imagery in the computer lab.
  • Students will be able to verbalize and analyze concepts in their own photographs and look at the role of photography in our world today.

Homework: Additional time will be needed to take photographs outside of the school context.  Due dates for class projects are stated at the start of each task. Most practical computer tasks are completed in class time. Students are encouraged to spend extra time if needed.

Required materials: Sketchbook (small size from bookstore), 35 mm camera (you would have to print and scan your images or a good quality digital camera with high mega pixel above 5.

Field Trips: Special Field Trips
Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated on the following criteria for each project:
Sketchbooks and theory assignments                                                             10%
Imaginative and creative thinking and expression                                           30%
Application and expansion of technical skills                                                   30%
Work habits /development                                                                            30%

Projects Outline: Evaluating and looking at the history of Photography, learning to see with an artistic eye and what this means, fundamentals of camera use, imagery development under theme based works, 100 people portrait project and imaginative series project……You’re going to love this class!

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