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Course Description: In this class you can expect to develop and enhance your hand building and slab work ceramic skills.  We will be looking at a variety of techniques as well as clay sculpture within an art historical /cultural context. Tasks will include observational & imaginative clay projects.

Learner Outcomes: Students will look at a variety of ceramics in a historical context and evaluate their aesthetic and function.
  • Students will look at a variety of ceramics in a contemporary context and evaluate their aesthetic and function.
  • Students will learn the basics of wedging, slab making, building, drying, glazing, & firing.
  • Students will learn how to improve their problem solving skills in 3- D form.
  • Students will become familiar with how to use clay for realism and/ or abstraction.
  • Students will be able to verbalize and analyze concepts and their work in group critiques.

Plan to enjoy Art! Plan to have group critiques.  Plan on keeping a sketchbook. Plan on seeing slides.  Plan on setting up an art show. Think originally - Use Your Imagination - Be Unique! Build your sculpture with confidence and verve, try new ideas. Can you make judgments on what is good  ceramic art? Plan on meeting in museums in HCMC. Develop your drawing skills and use them. Develop your conceptual skills and use them. Develop your hand building slab clay skills and use them. Share….. Ask Questions - Develop style.  Study Art History... Look at art ...look at life! Art is in everything like molecules.   Art is the Soul of the school - so Feed your soul!

Homework: Due dates for class projects are stated at the start of each task. Most practical tasks are completed in class time. Students are encouraged to spend extra time if needed. The art studios are open until 5pm everyday.
Required materials: Sketchbook (small size from bookstore), Special Field Trips

Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated on the following criteria for each project
Sketchbook and theory assignments                                                                  20%
Imaginative and creative thinking and expression                                              30%
Application and development of technical skills                                                  30%
Work habits/ development                                                                               20%

Projects Outline: Sketchbook Cover, Scrafitto Phoenix plate design, Figurative sculpture, Stacking Slab trays and silkscreen glazing project- the ‘basic’ slab pot, coil project, personal wheel throwing project. You’re going to love this class!
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